Real Estate / Short Sale


forsalesignoutsideA short sale is typically the best option for homeowners who owe more on their home than the home is currently worth, and can no longer afford to keep their home or just want to move on and get a fresh start.  By definition, a short sale is selling the home at an amount that does not satisfy the balance due of the home loan and so therefore is “short”.  If your home is upside-down it could be many years before it is valued at or above the loan amount.

If you owe more than your home is worth, there is a way out with no cost, fee or charge to you.  In fact, you may be eligible for “relocation fees” of anywhere from $3000 to $10,000!  A short sale also looks much better on your credit report than a foreclosure.

The homeowner must be able to substantiate a hardship in the form of a “hardship letter” to the mortgage lender.  Typical hardships are loss of employment, death of an income earner, divorce or an increase in living expenses.  I assist my clients in drafting this letter.

If there is more than one lender on the property then things can become complicated.  The first and second mortgage lenders must agree that the first lien holder will contribute to the second lien holder so the second lien holder will release the lien.  This can be difficult and it is why you need an experienced short sale realtor.

Short sale may be the best option for you, and I can facilitate the process.  Banks are not easy to work with, but I will negotiate on your behalf.  As a real estate broker, I have successfully closed many short sales over the years.

I decided to get my real estate brokers license so that I could better assist my clients.  I found that many of them were in need of a short sale or even a traditional sale and I had to send them out to find their own realtor.  Now, I can do that for them.  In addition to representing my own clients as a listing agent, other attorneys in the area send me their clients when they are in need of a reliable and capable short sale agent.  I also sell homes for some of the Bankruptcy Trustees when the home is an unprotected asset in the bankruptcy estate.

I can handle your home sale efficiently and in a professional manner from start to finish.


"Lisa always maintains excellent communication throughout the sales process.  She is patient, understanding and cooperative with both buyers and sellers.  She has the temperament and demeanor to deal with some very demanding parties.  Her knowledge of the real estate marketing various areas of Northern California makes her our "go to" person. I will continue to employ Lisa as our broker as we continue to sell additional properties in our portfolio."

US Bankruptcy Trustee